The 26 Best Moments At The #GilmoreGirlsReunion

The cast of Gilmore Girls reunited at the ATX Television Festival in Texas (clear eyes, full hearts!) on Saturday, and my Stars Hollow-shaped heart is overwhelmed with emotions. I have FOMO because I wasn’t there, sadness because there was no movie announcement and happiness because these 26 things happened:

1. Lorelai and Rory took a selfie:


2. And Lauren Graham posted the final product:

tumblr_npjrgfI0Zu1tmztk5o1_12803. And the famous mother-daughter duo had a Twitter love-fest.



4. Rory’s boyfriends were all in the same place for the first time ever and DAMN.


5. The cast fought about who was right for Rory. Dean was Team Jess, Jess was Team Dean and Logan was Team Jess. Luke was Team Ain’t Nobody Good Enough For Rors, and Rory herself refused to pick.



6. Fans who waited outside for the panel were given Lorelai and Rory’s favorite food– pop-tarts.


7. They left an empty chair for Edward Herrmann (RIP Richard Gilmore) and creator Amy Sherman Palladino explained he was the first person to sign up for the reunion and said, ““It’s really crappy that he’s gone and we miss him so much.”


8. The first couple I ever shipped Luke and Lorelai reunited, and even though he really needs his baseball cap…


9. …It was undeniably cute to see her face when she saw him.


10. Stars Hollows resident band Hep Alien also got back together…


11. And performed the show’s theme song, Where You Lead.

12. Scott Patterson, who revealed he thinks Luke is either still living in Stars Hollow or opened up another Luke’s on a lake so he could go fishing, took a lot of selfies.


13. Logan and Jess bonded and both thought their characters would not evolve much. (Logan would be “not working” and Jess is “just being Jess, walking away when too many people show up.”) ASP also revealed she wrote Logan specifically for Matt Czuchry, and Jess specifically for Milo Ventimiglia.

tumblr_npjw02hUCt1qjde42o2_40014. Miss Patty was there, and thinks she should have ended up with Luke. I think her and Dean totally hooked up in her dance studio.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.42.12 PM

15. I don’t know who invited Lindsey, but this is what her and Dean would have looked liked on their 12th anniversary if Dean never slept with Rory.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.44.36 PM

16. Speaking of Rory’s virginity, producer/writer Dan Palladino said that was one of the hardest decisions to make/write, while ASP said she always knew it should be Dean after they had broken up.


17. Lane and Zack are still going strong.


18. Even though Lane (and Paris) have weird haircuts now. Do you think they talked about when Paris said Lane was “chasing the dragon” after this selfie?

tumblr_npjtnyrNUQ1tmztk5o1_128018. ASP fought for Lauren, Alexis and Kelly to be cast and said she knew they were perfect right away. The Gilmore Girls themselves talked about the audition process. Lauren thought “I don’t want anyone else to have this part but me.” Alexis had only been on 5 other auditions (ever) and thought she blew it. ASP thought Alexis hated her, but Alexis said she was just sick from a modeling shoot where they threw water on her. Kelly also thought she didn’t get the part… #RealTalk: Could you imagine anyone but these three?!


19. Lauren’s other children, Amber and Drew from Parenthood, were there to support their mom and hung with her backstage (Mae Whitman has never watched GG because she doesn’t want to see Lauren be someone else’s mom… do you think her and Alexis battled it out?)

CG2hFuxUkAAIcdw20. ASP explained, “It was lucky the two of them had blue eyes and the hair. It was like pixie dust.”


21. Lauren said “Oy with the poodles already!” is the line fans quote to her the most, while Alexis hears “Copper boom!” and has no memory of the line.



22. Jared and Milo hugged it out, and I’m pretty sure Dean and Jess started a “Rory Gilmore broke my heart” club.


23. There was really no question that Paris and Doyle were meant to be, and Liza explained, “I think they’re really well matched. I hope they’re supporting each other taking over the f—ing world.” Danny Strong, who co-created FOX’s hit Empire, was asked about what would happen if Cookie visited Stars Hollow. He said, “She would storm into rooms she’s not supposed to. It would be pretty crazy.”


23. Logan missed the Dean and Jess hug, but got love from Brian…


24. …Who took selfies with everyone (even Michel!… Do you think he’s eating carbs yet?)


25. ASP said she has no storyline regrets, but Lauren thought the separation between Lorelai and Rory was hard to get through. “It was difficult, as it should have been. It was hard, but it set up something that was also important.”


26. This group picture might be the best part of it all.


Gilmore Girls forever, y’all!


And here’s hoping to a movie ONE DAY. Everyone seems to be down, so ASP just needs to write the damn thing (and finally tell us those “four final words” she planned to end the show with before she left in season 6).


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