My Gilmore Girls Revival Wishlist

This. Is. What. Dreams. Are. Made. Of.


After ending in 2007 without creator and showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino, Gilmore Girls is getting a second life at Netflix. TVLine broke the news, and is reporting that there will be four 90 minute episodes of the show. The cast is still in negotiations, but they all said they would be down during the recent Gilmore Girls reunion over the summer. I wrote about the that GG reunion in Texas, and I thought it was the best thing that was ever going to happen to me. Here’s what I want to see when Lorelai and Rory come back into our lives…

Paris and Doyle babies: First and foremost, Paris and Doyle need to be married and have a lot of children. These children will be intense, intelligent and slightly insane.


Michel eats carbs: I’ve always wanted Lorelai to walk into a room in the DragonFly Inn and see Michel eating a pile of pasta. It’s the little things, people.


Cat Kirk: Wondering what happened to Cat Kirk keeps me up at night. I want to see Kirk, Lulu and Cat Kirk having picnics in Stars Hollow, running the Black and White movie theater and possibly opening their own pet store.


Emily has 2974197104 maids: I hope we get to see at least 20 different maids in the Gilmore house during the revival. Maybe even the first male maid?! The possibilities are endless here.


Miss Patty and Babette on Broadway: Ok, maybe not Broadway, but at least the Town Square. “Try A Plum They’re Better Than Sex with Miss Patty and Babette” where they can sing, dance and give us the town gossip.


Hep Alien: Stars Hollow needs a new performance from Lane, Zack, Brian and Gil. Maybe even Dave Rygalski, too.


Pop Tart eating competition: Lorelai and Rory should have a food eating competition show on The Food Network, or at least in their living room. There would also be Red Vines and chinese food and marshmallows and tacos. And Luke’s fries.


Rory’s at the White House: Rory left to follow Obama’s road to the White House and I want her to successful. TBH, I care more about Rory making it as a journalist than I care about my own career.


Dance marathon: Gilmore Girls only gave us one Stars Hollow dance marathon, and it was one of the greatest episodes of all time. Another marathon is a great excuse to have all of the characters together and raise money for another bridge that is collapsing.


Dean at Doose’s market: I want to see Dean for approximately 30 seconds, from the window, with no lines, in his apron. Just smile and look pretty Dean-o.


Jess has an NY Times Bestseller: Jess should write another book and be super successful. He should also maybe totally 100% be dating Rory again. #TeamJess


Logan is a lawyer: Maybe this is my inner The Good Wife fan, but Logan loved to fight and had a lot of passion. He was also super smart and looked hot in a suit. Plus Huntzberger & Associates has a nice ring to it, am I right?


Town Meeting: Taylor Doose and his gavel need to make a return to Stars Hollow. I want to see the town fight over what color the Christmas lights should be this year and what the Town Loner protested 10 years ago.


Mr. Kim: WHERE IS MR. KIM?!?!?! Let’s answer this mystery with Mr. Kim hiding in one of Lane’s floorboards. Or something like that.


Lorelai and Luke Waltz: I hope Lorelai and Luke are finally married and celebrating a big anniversary in the revival. They need to eat (Santa burgers), drink, dance and be merry because it’s about damn time.


Coffee: “Drink every time Lorelai and Rory drink, mention or hold coffee” should be the tagline for the revival.


April’s dead. Or at least stuck in New Mexico forever. Hopefully with Christopher and Gigi. #SorryNotSorry


Snow: If it doesn’t snow in Stars Hollow during the revival, did the revival even happen? As we all know, everything’s magical when it snows.


Gypsy and Andrew are dating: This pair had sexual tension and definitely do weird things with Gypsy’s favorite candy, Rolos.

Gypsy1 Mike-gandolfi-001

Drunk Sookie: Melissa McCarthy, I know you’re busy, but please take 10 minutes of your time and film at least one scene of Gilmore Girls. And do it drunk.


Richard Gilmore memorial: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Gilmore Girls without Mr. Gilmore. I do not want to watch a depressing funeral, but I think maybe the anniversary of his death or a delayed memorial service could be the answer.


Madeleine Albright: Gilmore Girls did birthday’s big and with Madeleine Albright. I want to see Rory turn the dirty 30, and the Secretary of State to welcome her in a dream.

Social Media: Lorelai mocking Tara Reid on Twitter, Justin Bieber on instagram and Donald Trump on everything would be hilarious. We do not need to see them on Facebook, but pop culture references would not be complete without Lorelai and Rory making fun of celebrity fails and hashtags, plus Luke getting annoyed by the idea of it all.


Bonus: here are Lauren Graham and Sean Gunn’s reactions on Twitter:

Final. Four. Words: Stay tuned for a full post on what I hope the infamous final four words are, which ASP claims she has had planned since the show started, but whatever they are, we better hear them.


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