2016 Pop Culture Wish List

2016 is right around the corner and I’m expecting big things in the world of television, music and Kardashianland. New year, new trends, new scandals, #amiright?


Pizza Rat update: Did the infamous NYC rat ever finish his piece of pizza? Or discover Chipotle? Or McDonald’s hashbrown? There are so many questions and so much reality TV potential.


Saint West: I don’t care if you make your debut in Vogue, on Kim’s app or on Instagram, but I am hoping praying to Yeezus that we see baby Saint soon and he as cute as his cousin Reign. #AllHailSaintAndReign #ComingToE!


At least one romantic reconciliation: Ben and Jen, Kourtney and Scott, Emma and Andrew, Jon and Jennifer, the list goes on and on. 2015 was a rough year for love and I want one of these couples to get back together and prove to us that true love does exist.


Addison back on Grey’s Anatomy: Now that McDreamy is McDead, it’s time for his ex-wife to come back and join the girl power Grey’s squad and cause trouble with Meredith, Amelia and Maggie. (Plus, Amelia is totes headed for a  downward spiral and needs Addie).


Fuller House: We know the Full House spinoff is coming to Netflix at the end of February (and the wine night has been planned accordingly), but it better not disappoint. There needs to be Steve and DJ, dancing Stephanie and hot Uncle Jessie in every scene.


Bachelor love: If 2016 does not bring a Kaitlyn and Shawn or Jade and Tanner TV wedding, the last couple years have been a waste. Get your roses together, ABC. (Here’s looking to Ben H finding a few trainwrecks he could spend his life with too).


Revenge for Miranda Lambert: Rumors are flying that this country music superstar is moving on with a no-name wannabe, but I want Miranda to be in a high profile relationship with someone 10x hotter than Blake. I also want a revenge album with a lot of songs about poisoning your ex and references to Gwen Stefani.


Baby Teigen- Legend: 2016 is going to be the year of Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and their baby girl. In addition to being beautiful, talented and Instagram famous, this baby is going to be amazing at lip sync battles and enjoy Chrissy’s A+ recipes.


Gilmore Girls answers: I need Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Luke, Jess, Logan and every single person that has ever stepped foot in Stars Hollow to sign on for the revival, and I would not be mad if they wanted to cast me as Rory’s daughter. And most importantly, I need confirmation that April died and Luke is over it.


Taylor and Calvin engagement: Talvin should walk down the aisle in 2016 just so T Swift can have 105 bridesmaids. And also write a bunch of kickass love songs and new sick beats.


JLaw, Amy Schumer movie: I’m pretty sure these BFFs have been promoting their new movie since they laid eyes on each other, and I want to see a trailer by the end of 2016.


A model reality show: Picture Kendall, Gigi, Cara and all of the Victoria Secret Angels living together in one big mansion and try not to get giddy with all of the potential pretty people drama.


Miley and Nicki’s feud: I don’t care if these two divas work it out or if they get into a fight about something else, but I want to see this feud make headlines again in 2016.


Selena and Niall heat up: Here’s hoping 2016 is the year Sel never goes back to the Biebs and makes him super jeal with a One Direction romance. Plus, since 1D is taking a break, Niall has plenty of time to treat Selena like the queen she is and won’t post rando models all over his Instagram.


Gossip Girl and The OC reunion: Nothing would make me happier than seeing baby Arlo (Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s daughter), baby James (Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughter), baby Briar Rose (Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s daughter) and Ben McKenzie’s future child becoming best friends and starting their own girl squad. Or just seeing all of their parents run into each other at the grocery store.

Sisterhood Everlasting: Speaking of Blake Lively/Serena van der Woodsen, I was promised a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and I expect to see a script, trailer or even movie in 2016. Lena, Carmen, Tibby and Bridget are the OG #squadgoals.


Left Shark at the Super Bowl: If Coldplay wants to go down as a successful Super Bowl halftime show, they need to make a reference to Left Shark or at least invite Beyonce to perform (Chris Martin’s ex wife is BFFs with Queen Bey).


Drake at the Grammy’s: If Drake does not perform and dance to Hotline Bling at the Grammy’s in February, 2016 will already be a fail.


He should also totes invite Hazel as his date because Degrassi foreva.


And finally, no more Star Wars. #SorryNotSorry.


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