Either Billy Ray Cyrus is trying to teach his daughter, Miley, a lesson, or he’s lost it. Along with “country rapper” (quotes because I still don’t believe that can be a thing) Buck 22, Billy Ray released a hip-hop remix of his famous song, “Achy Breaky Heart.” And the new song– “Achy Breaky 2”– comes along with a video that Miley would probably love, if her dad wasn’t one of the stars.

“Achy Breaky 2” features partially naked women twerking around Billy Ray and Buck 22. Twerking is Miley’s signature move, and if she has any sanity left in her, she shouldn’t want her dad anywhere near it. Apparently the women are supposed to be aliens, if that makes it better (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

See for yourself here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72WhEqeS6AQ, and pray Billy Ray thought making this video would turn Miley away from twerking and make it uncool, because if not, I’m scared “Achy Breaky 3” will feature the father-daughter duo in a Robin Thicke kind of way.

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