XOXO, Olympic Village

I’ve come to terms with the fact that the Olympics are on and my shows aren’t (NBCs mini series announcement helped), and I’ve decided to embrace it. And it turns out, the Olympics are more like an episode of Gossip Girl than I thought.

Let’s start with the fact that U.S. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson told US Weekly, “Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level.” For anyone who doesn’t know, Tinder is an iPhone dating app, and the fact that the athletes are using it find each other means their “dating” history is more complicated than Blair and Serena’s combined.

Russian speed-skater Olga Graf got a little too excited after she won her bronze medal, and started to unzip her skin-tight suit so she could celebrate. Once she got halfway down to her bellybutton, she remembered she didn’t have anything on underneath. Olga managed to avoid showing anything that would require censors, but it was a close call. Kind of like any dress Serena wears, no?

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev decided it was a good idea to put his cellphone number on his helmet, and well, it was only a matter of time before he received over 2,000 text messages– and naked pictures– which basically makes him the Chuck Bass of the Olympics. And I’m willing to bet if he comes to the games again in 4 years, “I’m Alexey Sobolev” will be the new “I’m Chuck Bass.”

The Olympics also have what any good season of Gossip Girl does: a potential love triangle. Whether it was Blair-Serena-Nate, Serena-Nate-Dan, Blair-Chuck-Dan, or even Dan-Vanessa-Hilary Duff, the chemistry between these characters was off the charts, kind of like during figure skating competitions. U.S. figure skater Charlie White is dating former skater Tanith Belbin– but dodges all questions about her from reporters. Meanwhile, on the ice, Charlie and his partner Meryl Davis aren’t afraid to get up close and personal. It’s probably nothing, but let’s not forget that Serena’s relationship with Tripp (leading to the Serena-Nate-Tripp triangle) started out professional too.

Canada is celebrating just like our favorite Upper East Siders would– with a beer fridge that opens when you span a Canadian passport. While Blair prefers Gin Martinis, I’m sure Nate and Dan wouldn’t mind an ice cold beer after a long day.

It also turns out the Olympians are just as attractive as our favorite cast—-http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/02/10/2014-olympics-hot-olympians_n_4724445.html, and ALMOST as fashionable too—-http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1952463-2014-sochi-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-grading-each-countrys-uniform/page/10.

Last but not least, U.S. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn got stuck/locked in the bathroom when he was taking a shower… Think Dan and Serena stuck in the elevator in season two of GG? Ok, that one might be pushing it, but I’m still intrigued and can’t wait to see what happens with our favorite “athletes” next.

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