Team Love Triangle

It’s the one storyline that never gets old. Who will he/she choose? What team will win? What fandom will get their couple trending on twitter? Love triangles are a TV staple, and the past two and a half decades have provided us with plenty of couples to root for and against.

Show: Beverly Hills, 90210
Competitors: Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor
Prize: Dylan McKay
Description: The first couple of seasons of 90210 were the Brenda and Dylan show, and rightfully so. The good-girl from Minnesota fell head over heels for the bad-boy/ex-alcoholic, and despite some bumps in the road, Brenda and Dylan seemed strong. But when Brenda spends the summer in Paris with Donna, Kelly bonds with her best friend’s boyfriend. The affair is kept secret for a while, but when the truth comes out, it’s a battle for Dylan’s heart.
My Winner: Brenda
Real Winner: Kelly

Show: Beverly Hills, 90210 (yes, again)
Competitors: Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay
Prize: Kelly Taylor
Description: After the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly triangle is resolved, Kelly falls for Brenda’s brother Brandon. The two get together after becoming close friends, and have a long, fairly stable (damn you, Emily Valentine) relationship. After working with Brandon to save Kelly from a cult, Dylan decides he wants Kelly back. The two compete, and Kelly says her infamous line, “I choose me.” That doesn’t last long though, and after her days as a cocaine addict, Kelly is back with Brandon. But a couple of seasons (and another engagement) later, Kelly ends up with Dylan.
My Winner: Brandon
Real Winner: No one… then Brandon… then Dylan

Show: Sex and the City
Competitors: Mr. Big and Aidan Shaw
Prize: Carrie Bradshaw
Description: Carrie has an on-and-off relationship with “Big” for the first couple of seasons of Sex and the City. When the two finally call it off, Carrie meets Aidan and becomes engaged. She can’t resist Big though, and ends up cheating on Aidan. She’s left with the choice to tell Aidan or continue her plans to marry him.
My Winner: Big
Real Winner: Big

Show: The Vampire Diaries
Competitors: Stefan and Damon Salvatore
Prize: Elena Gilbert
Description: For years, Elena tries to convince herself (and everybody else), the one for her is Stefan. He’s the good guy (well, vampire) and he’s always there for her. But his bad-boy-Vamp brother, Damon, has feelings for her too, and over time their connection becomes undeniable. Then there’s the whole Katherine (Elena’s doppelganger) thing, which makes it all one big Nina Dobrev web.
My Winner: Stefan
Real Winner: TBA (the show is currently in it’s 5th season, and if the ratings have anything to say about it, it’s not going anywhere any time soon)

Show: Dawson’s Creek
Competitors: Pacey Witter and Dawson Leery
Prize: Joey Potter
Description: For years, we heard Dawson was Joey’s “soulmate.” The two would talk about dating, date, break-up, talk about dating again and so on. The pattern was finally broken when Dawson got distracted and asked his best friend Pacey to “look after” Joey. We watch Pacey slowly fall for Joey and after a series of romantic gestures, Joey becomes conflicted over who to choose.
My Winner: Pacey
Real Winner: Pacey

Show: Gossip Girl
Competitors: Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald
Prize: Serena van der Woodsen
Description: Nate and Serena have a history before the show starts, but the first couple of seasons focus on Serena’s relationship with Dan. Nate finally gets his chance in season 3, but it’s not long before Dan is back in the picture. The two friends get sick of fighting over Serena, and agree to move on. Nate goes on to date every GG guest star, and D and S eventually find their way back to each other.
My Winner: Nate
Real Winner: No one… then Dan

Show: Gilmore Girls
Competitors: Jess Mariano and Dean Foster
Prize: Rory Gilmore
Description: Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend and was nearly perfect (I mean, he built her a car). Naturally, Rory got a little bored and kept catching herself flirting with Jess. Neither relationship stands a chance once she goes to Yale, and our favorite journalist ends up single and following Barack Obama on his campaign trail.
My Winner: Jess
Real Winner: Jess… then Logan… then Barack Obama

Show: One Tree Hill
Competitors: Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis
Prize: Lucas Scott
Description: Two besties, one boy. Both P.Sawyer and B.Davis find themselves crushing on Lucas in the first season of OTH, and Lucas starts dating Brooke after Peyton freaks out about moving too fast. Lucas and Peyton can’t stay away from each other though, and he cheats on Brooke. History repeats itself in season 3, but this time even Lucas is convinced he’s meant to be with Brooke (but not for long).
My Winner: Brooke
Real Winner: Peyton

Show: Hart of Dixie
Competitors: George Tucker and Wade Kinsella
Prize: Zoe Hart
Description: The first season of Hart of Dixie makes it seem like George is the one for our favorite doctor, but Wade and Zoe also have undeniable sexual chemistry. Eventually, Zoe and Wade date (and sadly breakup), all while George seemingly moves on. This love triangle has been put on hold while Zoe dates whats-his-name (I know his name is Joel, I’m just choosing to forget), and we don’t know if Zoe/George or Zoe/Wade will ever get another chance.
My Winner: Wade
Real Winner: TBA (fingers crossed HoD gets picked up for a 4th season)

Show: Friends
Competitors: Ross Gellar and Joey Tribbiani
Prize: Rachel Green
Description: For multiple seasons it’s all about Ross and Rachel, but later on in the series, Ross’s best friend Joey develops feelings for Rachel. After a little bit of will-they or won’t-they, Rachel and Joey date. But in the end, Rachel figures out what we knew all along— Ross is her lobster.
My Winner: Ross
Real Winner: Ross

Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Competitors: Jackson Avery and Matthew Taylor
Prize: April Kepner
Description: Jackson and April go from best friends to lovers and back to best friends over the course of multiple seasons, and are always there for each other. Once they breakup, April meets Matthew and the two bond over their similar values. Matthew proposes to April in an over-the-top musical number, and the two plan to marry. But at the wedding, Jackson has other plans.
My Winner: Jackson
Real Winner: TBA (less than a week until Grey’s returns and we find out if April marries Matthew or picks Jackson!!!)

Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Competitors: Meredith Grey and Addison Shepard
Prize: Derek Shepard
Description: Everything is perfect for Derek and Meredith until his wife (which no one at Seattle Grace knew he had) shows up. Addison and Derek were estranged after Addison cheated on him, but she comes to Seattle with every intention of winning him back. She succeeds at first, leaving Meredith in pieces, but in the end, the love Meredith and Derek share proves too strong.
My Winner: Meredith
Real Winner: Addison… then Meredith

Show: The OC
Competitors: Summer Roberts and Anna Stern
Prize: Seth Cohen
Description: Seth, struggling to pick between his longtime crush Summer and fellow comic book geek Anna, juggles the two girls for as long as he can. Shortly after telling both girls he’d rather be friends, Anna finds her way back into Seth’s heart. It’s doesn’t last though, because Seth realizes “its always been Summer.”
My Winner: Summer
Real Winner: Summer

Show: Once Upon A Time
Competitors: Caption Hook and Neal Cassidy
Prize: Emma Swan
Description: Neal is the father of Emma’s son and the two have publicly declared their love for each other during the past season. Meanwhile, Hook, who has only been in love once, developed a crushed on Emma and the two have shared a kiss. I’m assuming most want Neal, Emma and their son Henry to finally have their happily ever after, but I’m rooting for the underdog bad-boy Caption Hook to get another shot at love.
My Winner: Caption Hook
Real Winner: TBA (OUAT returns on March 9!)

Show: Veronica Mars
Competitors: Logan Echolls and Stosh “Piz” Piznarski
Prize: Veronica Mars
Description: Veronica and Logan dated on-and-off during the 3 seasons of VM, and have had their fair share of epic moments and make-out sessions. Veronica started dating Piz in the last season, and I’ll admit he’s a cutie too. Because Veronica Mars abruptly ended, this love triangle didn’t have a conclusion… until now! The Veronica Mars movie, which starts with Veronica still with Piz, will wrap up all the lose ends when Neptune High reunites 10 years after they graduate.
My Winner: Logan
Real Winner: TBA (Less than a month until the VM movie and we have our answer!)


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