Shaking it with Taylor Swift

Say goodbye to the teardrops on her guitar and say hello to shaking her way into pop music. Taylor Swift announced a new single, music video and album yesterday on her Yahoo LiveStream. The single is called “Shake It Off” and the album, which T Swift herself called her “first official pop album,” is called 1989 (her birth year). The single is out now and the album hits stores October 27th. Twitter exploded with reactions and the single jumped to #1 on iTunes, but I think it takes more than just a tweet or purchase to explain how “Shake It Off” made me feel the first time I heard/watched it.

1.Oh, no. This doesn’t sound good.

2. Why does she think she can dance?

3. Taylor Swift for Black Swan 2.

4. She’s doing the repetitive thing like in “Stay, Stay, Stay.”

5. I wish this was a country song/album.

6. Ok, maybe this is a little catchy. *Starts singing along*

7. The twerking part could go away.

8. You tell them T Swift!

9. I wish I was invited to be in this video.

10. “My ex-man brought his new girlfriend…” is the new “hey Mickey you’re so fine.”

11. And shake it off is the new YOLO.

12. How did I ever doubt T Swift?

13. *Shake it Off on repeat for the next 5 hours.*

What do you think of “Shake It Off,” and T Swift’s new sound? And more importantly, how many gifs would it take you to describe how you feel? Vote/share the poll below!

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