Big Brother Recap: Week 9


It’s been two weeks since I’ve talked Big Brother, and a lot has happened. Zach is gone! Nicole is back! Nicole and Jocasta accidentally kissed on the lips! Team America doesn’t get any apple pie! And Donny has been evicted *sad face emoji*.

Cody won HOH this week and nominated a fresh out of the jury house Nicole and fan favorite Donny. He also won the veto, and decided not to make any changes to his nominations. Despite Derrick and Frankie trying to save their Team America teammate, Donny was sent home and America hasn’t stopped crying. The good news? The Bold and the Beautiful wants him to guest star on an episode and watching Donny in a soap opera is the thing that dreams are made of. The bad news? Donny doesn’t know if his old job is going to hire him back, and we need to get #RehireDonny trending ASAP.

Caleb: Caleb’s brother is basically his twin and that scares me for so many reasons. #TheWorldDoesntNeedTwoBeastModeCowboys

Cody: Do you think Cody uses his tears (the dude gets more emotional than any guy I know) to gel his hair back? Also, I can forgive Cody for getting out Donny and still root for him because #CodysAbs.

Christine: Ah, Christine. CBS made the best decision in BB history to visit Christine’s hometown and interview her husband and family about her relationship with Cody.  Without straight up calling her a bad wife, they all called her a bad wife. It says a lot when even your mom is rooting against you. And your dad. And your brother. And your husband who’s gauges are big enough to have their own twitter page. #ChristinesHusbandsGauges

Derrick: Now that Donny is gone, I want Derrick to win. He’s playing a great game and has the cutest daughter in the world. He’s also managed to lose weight and grow facial hair during his time in the BB house, and that’s time well spend. #DerrickTransformationTuesday

Frankie: Frankie trying relive his “Broadway days” (I use quotes because I don’t believe they really happened), made me dislike him even more. His play was funny for about half a second, and he refused to use the mission to save Donny. #FrankieIsAnOverwhelmingNo

Nicole: Nicole without Hayden is like a smore without a marshmallow. I like chocolate and graham crackers on their own, but I love them with marshmallows. #ReuniteHicole or #Nicden?

Victoria: Laughing forever that Victoria needs to pass out and get sick to get any screen time. #DoesVictoriaEvenGoToThisSchool

Tune in next time for a double eviction and another opportunity to fan-girl over Julie Chen’s outfits.


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