“Writing is how I…”

Writing is how I pay the bills, but my passion is beer pong.

The Queen of TV made the switch from behind the scenes to on screen last week. Shonda Rhimes, creator/writer/producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, was on The Mindy Project, and it was awesome. Shonda attended a Dartmouth (her real alma mater!) reunion and kicked ass in beer pong.


TVQOTW Runner Up:I have dealt with Drunk Mellie and Smelly Mellie and Screw-Everything-to-Hell Mellie and Crybaby Mellie and Eat-Everything-That-Is-Not-Nailed-Down Mellie and I have not complained. But I will not put up with whatever righteous, history-rewriting Mellie you have going on right here, right now.”

The Runner Up this week is from one of Shonda’s shows, Scandal. Fitz finally had enough of his wife Mellie, and demanded she snap out of her funk. #SmellyMellie and her uggs, forever.

Gif: http://www.tumblr.com

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