Happy Bday, Kim K!

The only appropriate way to celebrate a Kardashian birthday? Kardashian gifs, of course. It’s Kim’s 34th birthday, and it’s time to recognize her best moments.

Kim and her selfies: For better or for worse, there’s a reason she has a selfie book coming out in 2015.

Kim and food: Even though she is known for her figure, Kim is secretly a foodie just like the rest of us.




Kim and her marriage to Kris Humphries: So short, but so so so sweet.



Kim and her ugly crying face: Kourtney says this one best.


Kim and her family: Let’s be honest, Kim is nothing but a Nancy without the rest of her family.


Kim and her facial expressions: It’s not hard to tell what Kim is thinking.


Kim’s words of wisdom: Preach Kim, preach.


Gifs: http://www.tumblr.com

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