19 Questions About The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

The only #BachelorMonday better than The Fantasy Suites is The Women Tell All, and the women on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor did not disappoint.

1. How do I sign up to get Chris Soules to come to my Bachelor party? (Chris Harrison can stay home).


2. Britt is already crying. Has she stopped since she was eliminated?

3. Has she showered yet? It does kind of look like she’s still wearing the same makeup.

4. Does anyone else want to lock Carly and Britt in a room together and see what happens?

5. Is this Jillian’s audition for the new Avengers movie? This chick is literally the Hulk.


6. Is “Samantha” kidding that Kelsey’s panic attack is the reason she got sent home? YOU WERE SENT HOME BECAUSE YOU NEVER SAID ONE WORD.

7. Is Tara still drunk?


9. What did Kelsey do with Chris Harrison’s handkerchief? Is it hanging up in her house next to Sanderson Poe’s body?


10. Did Kelsey really think the girls were going to forgive her? Does she really think the world believes her about her “panic attack?”

11. Anna Kendrick live-tweeting WTA is everything. Why didn’t see tweet the whole season?

12. Has Ashley I been practicing her reaction faces so she could become a gif and an eventual Kardashian?


13. “Who is Ashley S.” “I like to ride bikes.” Do you think Ashley S would go on a bike ride with me? #LifeGoals

14. Seriously what drugs are Ashley S on? Also can we get some confirmation that she will be on Bachelor in Paradise? And talking to Clare Crawley’s raccoon?

15. Is Britt kidding with this hug? Does she think he is going to take her back? WHEN IS SHE GOING TO LET GO? *cue Let It Go*


16. “It was kind of like throwing darts in the dark.” Did Chris just admit to Kaitlyn that he basically decided who was going to stay by picking out of a hat?

17. Hey Jade, are you REALLY insulted that Chris thought looking at naked pictures with you was “awkward?” REALLY?!?!

18. Who is going to be the next Bachelorette? Do I like Kaitlyn or Britt enough to watch? Do you think newly divorced Hilary Duff would do it? Aaron Carter would be first in line.

19. Who in Gods name gave Chris Harrison a book deal? And more importantly, anyone want to form a book club with me and read it?

PS: Does the book deal mean Chris Harrison will be too busy and Jimmy Kimmel can host next season? #IllKeepDreaming


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