The Real Housewives of Space

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (the creators of The OC and Gossip Girl), have a producing company together called Fake Empire, and their latest project is called The Astronaut Wives Club– based on a book by Lily Koppel by the same name. The pilot was well-received and the first 10 episodes are set to air this summer on ABC. The show and book take place in the 60s, and are historically accurate. But if I know Josh and Stephanie (which I pretend I do), then this show is going to be more about which wife betrays which husband than about who lands on the moon.

I’m picturing an older Blair Waldorf struggling with bonding with the fellow wives and potentially trading in her astronaut husband for someone else. I’m picturing Julie-Cooper Nickel trying to take advantage of her astronaut husband and seeking out fame, while Kirsten Cohen sticks out the long distance relationship and stands by her man. I’m picturing how much drama 7 women trying to help and support one another will undoubtedly create, and I’m picturing this show could be one to watch this summer (and if it sucks you can borrow my Gossip Girl and OC DVDS as an apology for steering you in the wrong direction).

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