16 Things That (Probably) Happened After Chris Left Kelsey and Ashley on The Bachelor

1. They started their journey on The Amazing Race.
2. They killed each other.
3. Jeff Probst popped up and announced “This is Survivor: The Bachelor Edition.”
4. Girl World took over a la Mean Girls and Kelsey/Ashley went at it.
5. Ashley cried all of her makeup off (This is actually the most unrealistic because that makeup is CAKED on her face).
6. Kelsey confessed to Ashely that she did in fact kill her husband.
7. Kelsey confessed that she is both A and Gossip Girl.
8. Ashley S showed up with her onion/pomegranate because duh.
9. They found “Free Spirit” from Juan Pablo’s season and discovered she was living there.
10. Chris Harrison announced Bachelor in Paradise season 2 is going to be filmed in the Badlands and starts right now.
11. Ashley and Kelsey get into a heated debate about who is smarter and whose degree means more.
12. The producers brought out a projector and showed Pleasantville, while the girls debated the movie vs. 2014.
13. The spin-off Deserted: Ashley and Kelsey began filming (think The Simple Life with Paris and Nicole).
14. The Bachelor producers revealed that they don’t get a ride home because they were there for the wrong reasons.
15. Mackenzie was beamed in by Aliens and yelled at Ashley and Kelsey for having better and more “amazing” stories than her. And then she killed them.
16. They were picked up in separate vans and brought home (this is what really happened, Ashley went on Jimmy Kimmel to confirm).


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