18 Questions, Comments and Concerns From PLL S6, Epi 2

I don’t know if I’m going to recap every episode of PLL this season, but I do know that I can’t watch an episode without a lot of opinions, predictions and hashtags. Let’s get into season 6, episode 2:

1. Let’s all hang in our hospital beds and talk about our feelings because like NBD we were just kidnapped.
2. Toby: “I’m a super cool cop catching the bad guy!!!!”

3. “Crap.” – Ali’s dad about Charles
4. Emily totes has a crush on this Sara chick.
5. The army really isn’t letting Emily’s dad have a few days off? #Hardcore #EmilysDadIsA
6. #HannasRoom #ThisIsADumbHashtag

7. “I want to make sure Andrew never gets away.” -Aria “No, have tea.” -Aria’s mom #K
8. I don’t know if Spencer is really mad that her mom didn’t give her the pills or if she’s pissed her mom stole her look. #SpencersWelcome
9. They better not be implying Emily is going to join the army like her dad because bitch cannot even handle a few mean text messages.

10. “Thx for recusing us.” -Spencer “You would have done the same” -Ali “Probs not, tbh.”-Spencer
11. “Please let me write a tell-all about your experience. I need to make money.” -Ezra to Aria
12. #LorenzoIsA #OrGayForToby

13. Sexual tension between Ali and Toby or nah?
14. “WHY WON’T YOU LET ME RE-CREATE MY FAVORITE HGTV SHOW?” -Hanna to Caleb and her mom
15. Hey Aria, it’s been 6 seasons and one never ending season year, WHY ARE YOU STILL LYING TO THE COPS?

16. #AliAtChurch… That’s the joke.
17. Aria, why did you leave Spencer alone with pills? WHY HAVEN’T THESE GIRLS WATCHED SAVED BY THE BELL?
18. Sara be a little creepier… I DARE YOU. Also running away again? You’re just asking to be a Lifetime movie.


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