7 Reasons E News! Won’t Be The Same Without Giuliana Rancic

Thursday was a dark day. After 10 years of hosting E! News, Giuliana Rancic announced she would be leaving her daily hosting duties starting August 10th. She will still host Red Carpets and Fashion Police, which I’m happy about, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss seeing her on my TV everyday. Here’s 7 reasons why the world is basically ending (or will at least be less amazeballs):

1. Giuliana keeps it light: There is something so refreshing about the way G reports on a story. She can laugh at ridiculous headlines, and mock her co-hosts when they take it too seriously. She doesn’t disrespect the celeb in question, but she can poke the right amount of fun.


2. But knows when to keep it serious: At the same time, she takes her job seriously. She shares personal stories/struggles, and asks the tough questions when it’s appropriate.


3. Giuliana makes the celebrities feel comfortable: Personally, I think G’s interviews are better than other hosts because she isn’t afraid to go there. She will take tequila shots, make fun of herself or do just about anything else to make the celebs in studio or on the carpet feel comfortable and willing to answer questions.


4. Giuliana changes it up: In addition to changing her hair color and length on the reg, she helps change of the format. She is the managing editor of E! News, and she helps keep reporting entertainment news fresh.

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5. But also has the history: You can tell she has become friendly with a lot of actors and singers she interviews, so they open up to her. Additionally, she can provide a lot of inside scoop (and past interview clips) from the last 10 years.


6. Giuliana is hilarious: E! is always having the hosts do different skits or bits with each other, and no one can pull it off like Giuliana. She throws herself into it, and does not care at all if she comes off stupid or ridiculous.


7. Giuliana is the biggest name on the Network: She brings E! News a lot of publicity, and serves as the resident style icon, reality TV star and fashion designer. I don’t know if there are any hosts than could bring as much to the table as Giuliana.


And finally, I’d like to thank my friends for acknowledging this hardship:


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