19 TV Related Questions I Need Answers To ASAP

I think everyone knows I watch a lot of TV. I also read a lot of TV news and my mind is always planning the next spinoff, judging the latest fashion and questioning the character’s intentions. Let’s get into this week’s TV related questions:

  1. Why did Spencer Hastings get bangs? As much as I hate this inevitable Spencer/Caleb hookup that is going to happen on Pretty Little Liars, I hate Spencer’s fugly bangs more. #NotBangspiration CYiugHLWQAAWscb
  2. Is there any hope for any of the couples on Married At First Sight? David and Ashley haven’t even held hands, Neil and Samantha are cringeworthy awkward (though I’m hoping their awkwardness gets in sync and it becomes charming) and Vanessa is not going to be able to handle Tres drinking/partying ways. Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.47.44 AM
  3. Will Adele record an audiobook? Any audiobook? Adele on Carpool Karaoke was the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet. And it turns her talking voice is just as fab as her singing voice. 
  4. Why does everyone blame athlete’s girlfriends for their performance? From the Kardashians to Ciara, I don’t understand why social media is so quick to blame an athlete’s famous girlfriend for their inability to make a basket or throw a football.Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.12.21 PM
  5. Does Butch from Teen Mom OG understand the concept of reality TV? If asking a stripper for oral sex on TV is wrong, than Butch does not want to be right. butch-teen-mom-2016-hair-708x386
  6. Are Zac Efron and Matthew Perry hanging out? A sequel to Seventeen Again or a new bromance is the only semi-acceptable reason to miss a High School Musical or Friends reunion.                                                                               efronperryx
  7. Who do I have to talk to to get FOX to produce Grease 2 LIVE? Because I know Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens are going to kill Grease LIVE next week, I’m ready to plan the next live musical event. Grease 2 is the perfect choice… Ashley Tisdale singing Cooler Rider, anyone?giphy-1
  8. Are Tyga and James Harden filming a spinoff show? Is there any other reason that these two would be hanging out? I bet Scott Disick would be available to go to the strip club with them too.armvt2mjuwl3djurszkv
  9. What is Bachelor Ben’s IQ? I don’t know if Ben has said anything that ABC has not scripted for him… and he needs new writers. I guess it’s true that people cannot be beautiful and smart. For more on Ben and his ladies, check out my latest Bachelor recap.5205315_the-next-bachelor-may-be--get-ready_687fc66e_m
  10. What are the chances that newly reunited Miley and Liam will film a reality show? I’m over the moon about Miles and Liam getting back together. Think Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds without the divorce and with more nudity. It’s genius. gallery-1453133009-elle-miley-engagement-ring
  11. When are we going to get answers about the Gilmore Girls revival? There’s pictures of the set being built and rumors of casting beginning, but where is my official announcement with Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Emily and all of the townies signed on? giphy-2
  12. Is New Girl going to be worth watching with Megan Fox? Based on her acting in Jennifer’s Body, I do not know if I can handle Fox on this comedy. giphy-3
  13. Why don’t the Gallaghers understand birth control? Dear Debbie and Fiona, I know you ditched a lot of school, but please take a sex-ed class. giphy-4
  14. Does Johnny Bananas have a job outside The Challenge? I don’t remember the last season of The Challenge that Bananas was not on. Can you actually make enough money to live off of this show? #CallMeMTV IMG_0035
  15. Who is playing Kourtney, Kim and Khloé in The People V OJ Simpson? Ryan Murphy said the Kardashians are only in his new mini series for a few scenes, but this is critical casting. I think North and P would be a great choice.Penelope Disick and North West wear contrasting tutus to dance class
  16. Is Olivia Pope finally going to be a badass again? The new Scandal promos make it seem like Olivia is going to ditch the boring Prez and actually start fixing people again. I’m nervous it’s too good to be true. 303B9C4100000578-3405540-image-a-103_1453154912341
  17. Can we get a Stassi and Brandi spinoff? Bravo’s latest unemployed divas need their own show. I don’t want to see them as guest stars on their old shows, I want them to mess up the lives of new, innocent people.tumblr_mmz2u0EDfT1rb87wyo1_400_zpsffeae1cd
  18. When is Lena Dunham going to cast this cat that looks like Adam Driver on Girls? I think this cat is cuter than Adam, tbh.Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.07.28 PM
  19. Is it possible Gigi Hadid actually ate a cheeseburger every week when she lived in NYC until she found the perfect burger? My favorite supermodel visited (and won) MasterChef Celebrity Showdown and declared,”I eat clean to stay fit, and eat a burger to stay sane.” I might have to start eating meat again.tumblr_inline_o17v35d2MY1rpqds5_1280

Please be in touch if you have answers to any of these questions.

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